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Mentor Program
Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse is proud to announce a Big Brother and Big Sister program to foster players helping younger players improve their skills during the off-season.  Listed below are upper-class players that have been nominated by their coaches to work as Big Brother/Sister training Mentors.  
These players are available per their own schedule availability for you to use for individualized, one-on-one training.  Each of these Mentors offer a combination of skills, experience, individual success, and communication ability that we think offer a great asset to any younger player looking to get better in their game.  
Our recommendation is to use Mentors that are 3 years older (11th grade Mentors train 8th grade players…).  We encourage all to try out this program and get better this off-season!
Note: All parties must by USL certified and by participating you release Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse of any and all liability.  The charge is $20/hour but all transactions are done through the parties, not GBYL.

2014 Big Brother Bio’s

Nick Gainer, 12th Grade, Defense

Ryan Arneson, 11th Grade, Goalie  ( , 916 759-1725): Why do I want to be a Big Brother?  I truly love the game of Lacrosse and hope to play D1 Lacrosse in college upon graduation in 2015. I’ve gained valuable experience playing high school and club lacrosse the past 9 years and I have a strong desire to give back to other lacrosse players that also share my love for the game. Being a mentor also has helped me grow both on and off the field. I look forward to working with our youth goalies this summer. Lacrosse Experience:  9 years Lacrosse experience starting at age 9 with GB Youth Program, Golden Gate Showcase 2014, Blue Chip Rising Senior Camp 2014, Aces Lacrosse Club 2014, GB Youth lacrosse goalie coach 2014 (U15), Blue Chip Rising Junior Camp 2013, Blue Chip Lacrosse Club 2013, Norcal Lacrosse Club 2010-2012, Bill Pilot Goalie Camp 2012, Penn State Lacrosse Camp 2011, Powell Bros Lacrosse Camp 2009/2010, GBHS Starting Varsity Goalie for 3 years, 2014 All League 1st Team Goalie, 2014 GBHS Team MVP.

Jared Baer, 10th Grade, Defense ( , ): I'm a starting defenseman at Granite Bay HS. I play and have played on many different travel teams along with being coached by some of the best in the game (camps run by Dom Starsia, Bill Tierny, etc . . .) I have also taught others how to play the sport including varsity midfielder Justin Baer along with my two little cousins. I am great with kids and I think I'm perfect for this job.

Brandon Beland, 10th Grade, Attack ( , 925 321-2334): I would like to be apart of the big brother program to help kids get better and grow the game. I have been playing lacrosse for 9 years playing Attack and a couple of those years playing Goalie. I recently just got done playing varsity lacrosse for Granite Bay High School and have played in multiple showcases and tournaments in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Colorado, North Carolina playing with and against some of the best players in the nation giving me great insight and knowledge of the game.  Previous teams: NorCal Select, Party Down, Brady's Bunch (nationwide team), 3D Select, All West Elite, Sacramento Aces.   Previous showcases: California Gold, Prep Showcase, High Rollers, West Top 205, Elite 100.

Will Duval, 10th Grade, Attack ( ): I feel like I would be a good fit for the program because I have played lacrosse for 7 years and I love helping others learn how to play the sport. I played on Granite Bay Varsity Lacrosse and I just finished 10th grade.

Justin Baer, 10th Grade, Middie ( , ): I am a varsity midfielder on the granite bay high school team. I have been playing for 5 years and have gone to many camps directed by the top coaches all across the US. I play on a travel team in the bay area called ADVNC, both my coaches Roy Lang (all-American at Cornell and played at the MLL level) and Chris Clemens (all-American at The university of Virgina) we play all across the US playing various teams such as teams from Canada, Seattle, Texas,and teams from all over the US. I also helped out at the U15 Granite Bay youth team so i know what it takes to help and work with younger kids. I love the game of lacrosse, and have playing for a long time and I would love to give back and teach/help young kids get better and succeed in lacrosse. 

Alex Hassna, 10th Grade, Middie ( ): I am very excited about the opportunity to work with youth’s to teach them how to play better lacrosse and have a better IQ of the game.  I have been involved with the Granite Bay Lacrosse program since I was in the fifth grade so I have a great understanding of how the program works and the coaching styles.  I have lots of experience playing in both outdoor and indoor lacrosse and have spent the last two summers with a traveling team to better myself as a player.  Lacrosse is a very important part of my life and I enjoy working with younger children so it would be an honor to share my experiences that I have gained through the years of playing lacrosse and to get the chance to work with youths to teach them what I have learned and create the passion that I have for lacrosse. 

Davis Hiller, 10th Grade, Middie ( , ): I would love to participate in this program. I have been playing lacrosse since U-9 and work great with children.

Spencer Carlson, 9th Grade, Defense ( , 916 225-6971): GBHS Freshman varsity defender.  Also plays for ADVNC2017 Bay Area team.

Jake Bognacki, 9th Grade, Defense ( , 916 772-4314): I have been playing lacrosse for six years now with the Granite Bay lacrosse program and  have recently been playing defense with the bay area ADVNC travel team.  I think that I am really great with children and am very patient and have fun being with kids of all ages.I think that I have a strong passion for the game and I wish to share this passion with the upcoming youth lacrosse players.  I Just completed by freshman year of high school and was voted as the Defense MVP for JV lacrosse by Coach Charles this past season. I would be happy to help any upcoming long pole players with their stick skills and footwork.

Ethan Smith, 9th Grade, Middie/Attack ( 916 765-1905): My name is Ethan Smith and I am going to be a sophomore this upcoming school year. I have played lacrosse for 7 years and have played travel for 2 years on 3 teams. I absolutely love the sport of Lacrosse and I am constantly practicing to get better to help reach my goal which is to play NCAA Lacrosse. I play Middie/ Attack and Love to dodge and get players open to score. I currently play for ADVNC and start at the attack position. I do have experience training other kids. I train 2 kids 1 on 1 and really enjoy teaching them the fundamentals and furthering their skill set’s in Lacrosse. This year I played JV and had a good season. I had the most combined goals and assists and the most assists. I have a stringing business and have been stringing for two years now, I have strung for just about all of the JV team, coach Charles, some of the Varsity, my travel team, and many more kids in Granite Bay. I also do ARC with Terry McNiff and so he has taught me many new ways to improve my change of speed especially on dodging and defense. This season I also received the Coaches award. I would love to train more of the Granite Bay youth kids! Please consider me for this spot! I really enjoy helping Granite Bay’s awesome program become better! I also wanted to thank you for the great things you have done for Granite Bay lacrosse! You have put so many hours and a ton of hard work! If there is anything I can do to help myself get this spot please let me know!

Greg Warren, 9th Grade, Goalie ( , 916 705-5633): i'm the goalie on jv. I want to do this program to make a little bit of money but mostly teach some young goalies how to be a good goalie. Especially because goalies are hard to come by these day’s. I’ll make then want to play goalie.

Truman Cuthbert, 8th Grade, Attack ( , : I have been playing lacrosse for 5 years. When I was starting lacrosse I looked up to the older lacrosse boys and found what they taught me very helpful. I currently play attack, I have also played goalie, and some defense. I would like to help younger lacrosse players improve their stick skills and become the best players they can be with this amazing mentoring program. I have had experience helping younger lacrosse players with their lacrosse skills, but never for a job. If I got this job I would have respect for the player and their parents. I would teach the player(s) the correct shooting form, dodging drills, fakes and more.  I will be assisting at Breakaway games at Bayside for Lacrosse this summer as well.

James Spargo, 8th Grade, Middie ( , 916 872-3136) : I am a player on the U15 team. I am very interested in being a big brother mentor because I already have helped teach some of my friends how to play and I think I would do a great job with younger players.  I play mainly as a middie but sometimes I am attack too.  I have been playing for 5 years and know the game and my positions really well.  I also have a bounce back and goal in my backyard.  Experienced at directing the offense on plays and offensive movement.  Quick and agile, xcellent ball movement.  Exceptional dodging & cradling skills as well as quick close shots on goal.   Strong overall knowledge of the game and awareness of position and plays.

Josh Campo, 8th Grade, Attack ( , 916 773-0388): I would like to participate in the Big Brother lacrosse mentoring program to share my love, excitement and passion for the game of lacrosse. I feel that I can help younger players, both with/without experience, raise their level of skill by communicating, demonstrating and working with that player. I believe I possess and have shown what it takes to be a part of the Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse program both on and off the field.  I played last year for the U15B boys team. I have played all positions, including goalie, over the past 5 years, but have the most experience playing Attack. While there is always room for improvement, I feel that my skill set is at a high level. I am able to play confidently with both hands, dodge and shoot accurately. I have good overall knowledge of the game and field presence. I have also participated as a member of the U15 Sacramento ADVNC team to further enhance my skills/knowledge of the game during the off-season.  Lastly, I believe my personality/communication skills allow me to connect with people at all ages/levels making it easy to translate my experience and skills to others in a fun manner.


Cooper Gravlin, 7th Grade, Attack ( , 916 202-2566): I want to be a mentor so I can help other young Lacrosse players, because I was once in their position.  I was in U-11 and I hadn't spent much time getting my stick skills down.  Brad Davito and I were the last ones picked for a team, and I don't want that to happen to other young Lacrosse players.  My most recent team was the U-13A team.  I have been playing for 5 years.  I play Attack, and I am a smart player and have some of the more difficult stick skills down.  I’ve attended the following camps: All West Lacrosse, 3d Lacrosse, ADVNC Lacrosse and I’ve been selected for these travel teams: Bay Area ADVNC (2013-14), Sacramento ADVNC (2013-14), All West Lacrosse (2012-14), Sacramento Thunder Elite (2013).

Brad Davito, 7th Grade, Middie ( , ): I have played this sport for almost 5 years, and my main position is midfield. I played for Dave Gravlin's U13 A team this past season, and I now play on two ADVNC travel teams. The main reason I would like to join this program is that I feel I have enough experience to help kids that may just now be learning the sport, and to put them on the right track. Having been coached for many years, as well as having two younger brothers, I understand the view of both the teacher and the student. I hope to make the game fun for the people I teach. 

Anderson Marks, 7th Grade, Attack ( , ): I am interested in joining your new program, the Big Brother/Sister Program. This season I was on the U13 A Boys team and I have been nominated by my coach, Dave Gravlin. I am interested in joining this new program because I want to spread the sport and help kids reach their full potential. My primary position is attack and I just finished my third season. I also have completed one travel season with Thunder Elite and I am now on Sac ADVNC Elite. 


2014 Big Sister Bio’s


Katrina Reeves, San Diego State University, Goalie, Former GBHS US Lacrosse All American ( , )

Kenzie Gainer, University of Denver ( , 916 770-7144): Lacrosse Experience: Started 7th grade. Played throughout High School. Most Improved 2011All Conference 2011. Most Valuable Offensive 2012. All Conference 2012. Captain 2012.  Playing Club Lacrosse at DU. President 2013-2014.  I would love to give back to the program and community that supported me throughout my lacrosse career and help the next generation of player foster a love and respect for the game as I have. I would love to be exposed to the skill level that our future players are at and help hone those skills to produce a player that is on a competitive level. 

Carmen Lyon, 11th Grade, Defense ( , 916 772-9323): I’d love to be a Big Sister because I enjoy spending time with younger players and teaching a new skill. I volunteer at the GBHS library as a tutor and have experience with helping people understand and practice different concepts. Also, I’d like to see lacrosse grow more as a sport, and there’s no better way to do that than helping the high school players of tomorrow. I play on Granite Bay High School’s Girls Varsity Lacrosse team as a defender and a defensive mid. This past year marked the conclusion of my 4th year of playing lacrosse. Most recently, I was awarded the Coach’s Choice award, nominated for the All-Academic and  1st Team All League, and granted a captainship next year, which will be my senior year of high school.  I look forward to partaking in the mentorship program if possible.  I will be out of town until 7/31, but am free after that to do any mentoring.

Emily Torris, 11th Grade, Defensive Middie ( , 916 539-6152): I would really love to be a mentor to younger lacrosse players. I love that girls are starting so young now and would really enjoy the opportunity to help them grow as players. When I started there was no one to teach me the technical aspects of lacrosse and I feel that it is important for the girls to learn the basic skills so that Granite Bay will be able to compete with Bay Area teams. I would love to leave a lasting impact on Granite Bay lacrosse going in to my Senior year of high school.  I feel I am qualified to do this because I have been playing lacrosse for 8 years. I have been on the varsity lacrosse at the high school since I was a freshmen. I play on Bearlax, a travel team out of the bay area and am committed to play D1 lacrosse in college at George Washington University.

Carlin Isaacson, 10th Grade, Middie ( , 707 501-8804): I am a rising junior, and I just completed my second year on the varsity girls lacrosse team at GBHS. I play midfield, and I served as team captain this year for our varsity team. I was awarded Honorable Mention All League as a freshman, and received All League this year as a sophomore. I play for a very competitive Bay Area club team, Bearlax, and I will be competing in tournaments across the country this year. I would love the opportunity to work with children who want to learn more about lacrosse, and help them develop their skills. My sister played her first year of lacrosse on the GBYL U13 team, and I enjoyed helping her and her friends whenever I had the chance. 

Sydney Saylor, 10th Grade, All ( , 916 521-3444): I would like to become a mentor in the big brother/big sister program. I am 16 years old and am going to be a junior at Granite Bay High. I have played lacrosse for five years and this past year I was on the varsity team. I started each game and played every position except for goalie. I am interested in being a mentor in the big brother/big sister program because I am experienced in the game, I can teach any position but goalie, I am a great teacher and can get along with everyone, and it would be a job that I would enjoy because I am very passionate about lacrosse and want to get more people involved in the sport.

Alaigra Usher 10th Grade, Middie ( , ): I am interested in becoming a Big Sister. I enjoy playing lacrosse and helping people. I would consider it an honor to help a young girl(s) develop her skills and knowledge of the game. In addition to further advancing lax in our area.  I have been playing on the Varsity team at GBHS for the past two years; playing the midfield position. In total, I have been playing lacrosse for three years between high school, U15 and traveling teams. This year I received SVLC first team all-conference and the sportsmanship award. I was also a referee for U13 lax games.

Lauryn Hardoy, 9th Grade, Attack ( , 916 621-2271): I am a varsity player on the granite bay lacrosse team, and have just completed my freshman year. My primary position is attack, however i also have experience playing A-wing(middie), center, goalie, and D-wing. I have been playing for a total of five years, and have been to a few of the jr. girls clinics to help coach. Im interested in mentoring because I would love to help coach the incoming girls to our program, and to help them enjoy the sport and learn to play it successfully. 

Kaley Stunz, 9th Grade, Attack ( , 916 759-7542): I really want to help build the youth lacrosse program and make it better than it already is. I love working with kids and I think this is a great opportunity to share skills from the high school level with younger players. I would like to help them develop a good base for when they begin to play in high school. I currently play for the Granite Bay grizzlies. I made varsity as a freshman this past year. My position is attack and I have played for five years in the GBLAX program.

Autumn Mannsfeld, 9th Grade, Attack /Midfield ( , 916 622-6783): I would love to do the mentor program because I love to play lacrosse and would love to help other kids realize how fun lacrosse is. I also love helping kids and think this is a great program to participate in. I've played 4 seasons on the junior program, 1 year for granite bay high school junior varsity lacrosse team, 2 seasons for American River lacrosse summer program, and 1 season for the granite bay high school fall ball "tribe" team.  I play mainly as attack, but also a-wing and center (both midfield positions). I also have defensive experience from my earlier years of playing in the junior program. Since I started at a young age, I realize how important mentors are, especially in developing skills and interests in lacrosse.